Greetings from realtor David Kelley in Falmouth on Cape Cod
David Kelley at the Knob in Quissett
and welcome to my website . . . .

Although it is primarily about real estate, it also features the art, culture, lifestyle and resources of the Falmouth area on Cape Cod. After all, home buying isn't only about buying a home, it's also about the environment, lifestyle and those things that give meaning to life which hopefully you'll find here.

Being involved with my town as a realtor and artist, I wanted to create a website that provides a broad spectrum of info useful to the widest range of viewers. If you have questions about the area or want help buying or selling a home, please let me know.

Coming soon - "What Happened to the Falmouth Real Estate Market?" An analysis of what happened plus a current update on the market to keep you informed. It's so easy to get sidetracked with the national media and how important to know what's really happening here on Cape Cod.


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