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Showing Your Home

Keep It Neat
One of the last things to do before opening your doors to potential buyers, is to clean your home, put everything away, prepare for visitors, and keep it that way until your home sells. With your home "prepared for visitors", we can now put it on the market and start showing to potential buyers. It is important to quickly develop the habit of keeping your home neat with the beds made, the laundry, toys, and dishes put away so you are always prepared to have your home shown. There will, of course, be lapses, it can't be helped, but we will work around it.

The Types of Situations
They include putting your home on the "home tour" for all the realtors in town to see at a scheduled time. In Falmouth, it's Wednesday mornings between 9:15 and 11:00. The second type is an "Open House" usually held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for 2 or 3 hours. They are usually advertised in the paper to encourage potential buyers and also for other realtors to preview your home. The final and most frequent type is the "basic showing" to potential buyers accompanied by a realtor.

In most cases, it is preferable that the seller to be absent from the home during all showing as situations can arise when the seller can impede a potential sale.

Scheduling a Showing
The policy of Pond View Realty is to notify our sellers a day or two in advance of upcoming "home showings", but it's not always possible because quite often we'll get a call from a drive-by who wants to see it right away. We do our best to manage our listings as smoothly as possible, but the nature of the business is to accomodate potential buyers when they are in town, otherwise they'll go elsewhere. As soon as we are called to schedule a showing, we notify the seller of the time and ask if it's OK. If the owner is out, we'll leave a message on their answering machine of the time, and to please advise us if it is not possible.

Following each showing, the seller will be informed about the buyers reaction to
the home and if there were any questions required a response.

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