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How Do You Begin?
There are several obvious ways that most potential buyers employ. They include "Free" real estate booklets found in stores, the local newspaper's "Real Estate Section", visiting "Open Houses", "For Sale" signs in front of homes, visiting real estate offices for information, and bulletin boards in supermarkets. "The Internet" has become the method of choice for many home buyers as it helps you to get to know the market "online" and see several potential purchases in advance of your visit. Regardless of which methods you use, the important thing is to get out and study the market, learn about local prices, quality, and style.

Having "Cruised Around" and "Looked At Homes", you now have a pretty good feel about Falmouth and the real estate market here. Assuming you wish to move forward in your search, you can continue reading ads, visiting open houses, and looking at the internet. Unfortunately, so do all the other buyers, which is why these methods too often produce homes that are already under agreement.

What's The Solution?
It's most important that buyers continue to look on their own to both maintain a sense of independence and to continue learning the local real estate market. The time comes though when the services of a good realtor will greatly inprove the efficiency of the search. A good realtor will weed out poor choices and alert the buyers to new listing just as soon as they come on the market. In other words, you can be saved much legwork, wasted effort, and frustration from missed opportunities. By having "your own realtor on the scene", your chances for success will greatly improve. See "Find a Good Realtor". dfk.

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