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"Why should parents have all the fun looking at all the homes on Cape Cod.
Here's where kids can join in, have fun, learn and get excited about the new area
where they are going to live. I'm also going to have fun creating new material,
so keep coming back and let me hear from you too."

resources for kids on Cape Cod
Activities For Kids    Here are all kinds of things for kids to do with activities designed to develop lifelong skills, creativity, interest, and to keep them entertained.

Art Classes & Creativity    Here are some local sources of art classes for children.

Arts & Culture    Discover the many cultural activities in the Falmouth area.

Falmouth villages and maps
Beaches & Villages    A map of our beaches and villages.

Cultural Resources   Local sources of cultural resources for kids.

Dance and Theatre    Some local sources for children.

Falmouth Info    A thorough selection of links to most areas of interest.

Falmouth Schools    Detailed information about the schools in our town and nearby.

History of Falmouth    A brief history, related information and links about our town.

Walks & Wildlife    A map and text to show you all the good places.

If you know of any resources for kids that should be added here,
please send an email to dfkelley@pair.com.

Falmouth Quiz?
How much do you know about our town of Falmouth?

1. How many ponds are there in Falmouth? - 22 - 44 - 66
2. How long is Falmouth's coastline? - 12 miles - 39 miles - 77 miles
3. When was Falmouth discovered? - 1602 - 1644 - 1776
4. How thick was the glacier that used to cover Falmouth? - 6 feet - 500 feet - 1 mile
5. How many houses are there in Falmouth? - 4,672 - 15,236 - 26,000 - 41,234
6. Can you name the most common seagulls on Falmouth Heights Beach?

Note - Falmouth is a birdwatcher's paradise, especially in the winter along the shore where we get all kinds of winter visitors. Some that I see regularly include loons, buffleheads, hooded mergansers, brant geese, oldsquaws, scaups and eiders. The 300 Committee and other organizations offer nature walks. Here's a good source for Birders Info.

just for kids - David Kelley Originals art website
Are You a Stargazer?
Do you love to look at all the bright stars at night and wonder where they came from and what they look like?

We'll here's your chance to travel through space and zoom among the stars and planets? You'll see things that kids could only dream of in the past like galaxies, nebulas, moons, and exploding stars, come aboard Hubble and let's take off. Here are other great trips to take: European Space Agency , NASA-Saturn , NASA-Kids , and Astronomy for Kids

Discovery Search
Learning about Finance, Business and more    This is a wonderful site that introduces children & parents to the most interesting world of finance, economics and business. This can become the first step on the road to financial independence.

Activities For Kids    This website is just full of interesting activities for kids, parents and teachers.

A Happy Puzzle    Here is a nice little puzzle for the kids to solve right on the computer.


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