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Important Questions to Ask
Home Buyers.

"To best understand the needs of home buyers, it is important
to get answers to the following questions:"
  • Are you a cash buyer, or are you going to get a mortgage or pay for it by some other method?
  • Do you have to sell another home before buying? If so, many home sellers will either reject an offer based on this or only allow a short period of time to place it under agreement.
  • Are you pre-approved by a bank? It's very important to do as before you begin your new home search to know what you can afford and because many home sellers will only work with pre-approved home buyers.
    If not, I'll be happy to suggest several local lenders for you to contact? Local lenders are preferable to off-cape banks for several reasons. There is lots of competition here and they work hard to get the business and earn your recommendations for future potential customers. They know the area well, it's values, and the best people to choose for various things like appraisers, attorneys, etc.

  • What is your time frame for buying a home? Is it under 3 months, less than a year, or no hurry at all?
  • What price range do you want to work within?
  • Describe what you are looking for in a home? A brief description followed by some specifics such as style, size, age, no. of bedrooms and baths, location or area, neighborhood.
  • Have you been looking for a while or are you just starting to look?
  • Are you familiar with the Falmouth area?
  • Would you like a map?If so, please let me know and I'll mail one.
  • Are you working with any other realtors?
For more information please call David Kelley at 508 540-9922 ext. #13
or send an email to: