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A Good Investment.
Whether this is your first or fiftieth home purchase, it is wise to get a home inspection when purchasing a home. It should have been noted as a contingency on the offer to purchase with the words "this offer contingent upon a home inspection at buyers expense and to buyers satisfaction", and detailed on Addendum A. If it is not to the buyers satisfaction, they can cancel the agreement or request seller to correct certain things. The seller can refuse which can also threaten the deal unless both parties reach a compromise. A good home inspector will educate the buyers about the home they are about to purchase by pointing out what is there, how it works, what's good, what's bad, what to watch for, and tips on maintenance. The presentation and report is like a mini-manual on about your future home. The inspectors report may also reveal some unpleasant things that make purchasing this home a bad deal for the buyer and are cause for cancelling the purchase.

Finding A Home Inspector.
Home inspectors are now required to be licensed in Massachusetts and can be found either in the yellow pages or internet by clicking on Home Inspectors. The web site of the MA Board of Registration of Home Inspectors, provides "Facts For Consumers" and lots of info on home inspectors and the process. Your friends and neighbors are also a good source for recommendations although "real estate brokers and salesmen may not directly recommend a specific home inspection company or home inspector unless representing the buyer as a "Buyer's Agent." Brokers however, may provide assistance to buyers in accessing information on licensed home inspectors".

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