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The Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage - illustrates all of the sequential steps involved in buying a home. Next we'll cover What are your housing needs?

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Our Featured Homes - Click here to see.
Cape Cod MLS Listings - Click here to access.
Is Falmouth Real Estate Overpriced? Here is a very interesting article in the Falmouth Enterprise about the state of home pricing and values in Falmouth.
2004 Falmouth Road Race - click for information, or call 508 540-7000.
Thinking of Selling Your Home? - Listing, marketing and selling homes and condos is my specialty. If you'd like to meet and discuss the whole process, please call me at 508 457-1183 or send an email to dfkelley@gis.net. Refer to the Home Sellers section of this website for a "step-by-step" guide from planning to listing to closing and to see how we would market your home, please click on Home Marketing.

The Plume - For complete information, please visit the plume website.
Coalition for Buzzards Bay - For info, please visit Save Buzzards Bay.
Is Cape Cod Being Overbuilt? Here is a great website to visit with wonderful maps illustrating the dramatic loss of habitat and open space. "Losing Cape Cod " was produced by the Woods Hole Research Center where you'll discover a wealth of information to better understand the delicate balance of nature in our region.
Help For Home Buyers - Thinking of buying a home? The Home Buyers section of this website provides a complete "step-by-step" guide to the buying of real estate. The General Info section provides valuable "need-to-know" information.

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To see the universe - visit outer space aboard the Hubble Space Telescope .

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